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Despite the scalability, affordability, and flexibility offered by the public cloud, most enterprises choose to keep a portion of their workloads on-premises.

In many cases, this choice is made out of necessity – economics, performance, or compliance reasons often compel organizations to maintain an on-premises infrastructure, which only adds to the complexity of today’s sprawling, distributed infrastructures.

Because hybrid is both the present and future of IT infrastructure, organizations must find a way to optimize their existing environment.

Providers such as VMware have stepped in to address this challenge with vSphere+ and vSAN+, solutions that bring the benefits of the cloud to existing on-premises infrastructure and workloads.

The future possibilities of this delivery model, such as with vSphere+ and vSAN+, are endless and can be a key tool for enterprises to modernize infrastructure quickly and with minimal burden.-Gary Chen, IDC Research Director, Software Defined Compute

Introducing VMware vSphere+ and vSAN+

vSphere+ and vSAN+ represent the next major evolution of vSphere and vSAN. VMware customers will be able to activate add-on hybrid cloud services that deliver on key use cases for business-critical applications, vastly simplify IT operations, and accelerate transformation, without requiring changes to their existing applications or hardware.


vSphere+ is VMware’s new subscription-based offering that consists of both on-premises and public cloud components that interact directly.

The on-premises components include Cloud Gateways, vCenter instances, and ESXi hosts.

The public cloud components include various cloud services for IT administrators (or IT Operations) and developers (or DevOps) that augment and enhance on-premises capabilities – all accessible through the VMware Cloud Console.

Cloud Gateways connect vCenter instances to the VMware Cloud Console, where administrators can centrally manage on-premises infrastructure and access cloud services.


vSAN+ is VMware’s new premier Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) offering which extends vSAN’s capabilities to deliver cloud-connected services.

IT Administrators are better able to centralize management and enhance efficiency of their vSAN environment.

vSAN+ directly builds on the benefits customers receive from vSphere+. 

The Benefits of the Cloud, On-Premises

With vSphere+ and vSAN+, administrators and developers will be able to more easily build, manage, run, and protect both traditional and next-gen workloads.

Together, vSphere+ and vSAN+ are designed to:

Vastly simplify operations with centralized infrastructure management.

Infrastructure operations teams are under pressure to do more with less.

At the same time, they must simultaneously overcome common roadblocks, such as talent shortages, the accelerating demands of business, and IT environments that are distributed across multiple siloed locations, edge sites, and clouds.

Through VMware Cloud Console, vSphere+ and vSAN+ provide centralized management that allows administrators to oversee their distributed environments through a single pane of glass.

Accelerate developer velocity with integrated Kubernetes.

Developers are also under pressure to modernize infrastructures and deliver better software, faster.

vSphere+ helps to transform on-premises infrastructure into an enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform. With a multicloud IaaS consumption experience, developers can run and manage Kubernetes at scale across on-premises, public clouds, and edge.

Through solutions such as VMware Tanzu Mission Control Essentials, developers can automate and gain visibility into their entire Kubernetes footprint.

Extend on-premises with seamless hybrid cloud services.

Integrated and expanded cloud services enable enterprises to boost security, recover quickly from disasters and outages, improve ransomware protection, and more.

Enterprises can quickly add protection workflows into their operating environment, such as VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, an on-demand ransomware and disaster recovery service.

Simplify usage with a flexible subscription model.

vSphere+ and vSAN+ are available through a subscription-based model with a single SKU that includes all necessary components.

A pay-as-you-go model helps organizations avoid large, upfront investments and shift from a CapEx to OpEx consumption model, which, in turn, enables the better cost prediction and control.

Modernize Infrastructure with VMware and Logicalis

vSphere+ and vSAN+ allows organizations to manage their IT fleet as one logical operating model, which frees up resources and offers new and innovative capabilities to their IT teams.

With additional support from a trusted IT solution provider, organizations can gain even more value from these two upgraded solutions, while freeing up their own internal resources for more value-added activities.

Logicalis, an expert VMware partner, offers comprehensive managed and professional services that enable businesses to focus their people and resources on initiatives that drive their business forward, rather than learning, deploying, optimizing, and maintaining VMware’s new technology. For more information about our partnership with VMware, visit our VMware partner page.