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Podcast: Selecting the Right Data Migration Services with Logicalis + NetApp

How can NetApp solutions help modernize your infrastructure and how do you choose a modern platform?

Logicalis Vice President of Modern Data Center, Brandon Harris, and Dennis Boutorwick, Solution Architect, discuss leading NetApp solutions and how they can help with data center transformation. They’ll highlight why NetApp solutions—including NetApp ONTAP, FlexPod, and others—are a good choice for your hybrid cloud architecture. Finally, they’ll discuss how Logicalis can support you in your hybrid cloud journey with professional and managed IT services.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How NetApp helps you store, manage, and secure data
  • How NetApp ONTAP enables your hybrid world
  • How FlexPod simplifies your infrastructure
  • Key considerations for selecting a modern infrastructure platform
  • What the Logicalis hybrid cloud strategy is

Finally, don’t miss these Logicalis workshops and assessments to help support your hybrid IT journey:

  • Cloudscape Workshop – This complementary workshop can interrogate your existing technology stack and—without data ever leaving your environment—monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize all your resources and applications, whether they’re on-prem or in the cloud.
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment – This assessment includes an environmental analysis, cloud strategy, and cost estimation so you can determine your readiness for a hybrid cloud or cloud environment.
  • Cloud Migration Workshop – Using the information gathered in the Cloud Readiness Assessment, Logicalis assesses your existing environment to provide a safe and secure migration path.
  • Data Center Workshop – In this workshop, we’ll work with you and your stakeholders to show you where to go next on your journey to digital transformation.

Listen to the podcast.