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We are excited to announce the launch of Logicalis CloudCentralis, a one-stop platform for managing Microsoft licenses for Azure, Microsoft 365, NCE, and Business Applications.

Together with our CSP offering, the CloudCentralis platform and our CSP offering provide several advantages to help you simplify CSP licensing, streamline cloud management, and focus more on your business.

Simplify Growth in the Cloud with Logicalis CloudCentralis
Microsoft’s cloud products have become essential for organizations of every size. Yet as more companies migrate to the cloud – and as Microsoft expands its offerings through products such as Azure and the Business Applications suite – Microsoft CSP license management is becoming more complex and more time-consuming.

Simplifying license provisioning, management, billing, and reporting can help you increase efficiency and stay focused on business tasks that matter.

CloudCentralis, a centralized license management portal offered exclusively through Logicalis, provides a single location where you can:

  • Manage all of your current CSP services
  • Add new subscriptions
  • Manage users
  • Access extensive reporting features
  • Purchase Logicalis services and 3rd-party products

When you take advantage of our CSP offering, CloudCentralis can make your journey to the cloud easier and more flexible:

  • Pay only for what you need, when you need it. Microsoft 365 or Azure Plan licenses purchased through our CSP offering carry no minimum purchase requirements, monthly, or annual billing terms.
  • Get technical assistance and support on demand. Logicalis ServiceDesk agents offer ongoing technical assistance and support for licenses acquired through our CSP offering, backed by Logicalis’ Microsoft Premier Partner agreement for incident escalation if required.
  • Access training, onboarding, and guidance. World-class CSP licensing specialists are available to provide onboarding support, guidance around CloudCentralis, setting up your tenant, provisioning licenses, billing support, and best practice recommendations.

You can also choose from two service tiers that fit your organization’s needs: basic and advanced.

The Basic Support tier includes:

  • One designated administrator for the CloudCentralis portal
  • ServiceDesk support during normal business hours
  • Monthly invoicing based on usage and consumption as contracted

The Advanced Support tier includes:

  • Up to five designated administrators for the CloudCentralis portal
  • 24/7/365 ServiceDesk support
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Quarterly business review of licenses, updates, and best practices

In short, Logicalis CloudCentralis is more than just a cloud platform. With our ServiceDesk support and flexible CSP offering, you have access to a one-stop shop to help you streamline your growth in the cloud.

Your One-Stop Shop for Microsoft License Management
As businesses continue to do more business from the cloud, it will become increasingly important to simplify licensing through centralized platforms such as Logicalis CloudCentralis.

If you would like to learn more about CloudCentralis or our CSP offering, please contact your Logicalis Account Executive.