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The explosive growth of data is accelerating the demand for enterprise-grade storage solutions in a wide range of industries, from healthcare to financial services to the public sector. Most organizations have opted into the cloud, but considerations such as data gravity, performance, and security compel many to keep a portion of their data stored onsite.  

As the need for on-premises data storage grows, so does the need for energy and space. To keep footprints and costs as small as possible, many IT and business leaders are shifting away from traditional storage media, towards modern solutions that are more compact, affordable, and energy efficient. 

Data storage solutions such as the NetApp AFF C-Series meet these criteria on all counts.  

Towards a Cloud-Connected All-Flash Data center 

NetApp offers a leading portfolio of data, application, and storage solutions, and they are a strong proponent of all-flash storage solutions, such as the NetApp AFF C-Series, introduced in early 2023. 

AFF C-Series arrays leverage quad-level cell (QLC) flash technology, the latest evolution of solid-state drive (SDD) technology. QLC delivers better performance and efficiency than hard disk drive (HDD) systems, and with a price point that continues to decrease, QLC seems to be the clear winner in terms of ROI. 

Along with NetApp’s data management software, NetApp ONTAP, AFF C-Series systems offer features that can optimize storage infrastructure both within the data center and across the hybrid IT environment. 

Together, they can help: 

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplify operations.  

AFF C-Series systems can reduce up to 95% of rack space and save up to 85% of energy costs compared to hybrid flash storage.  

Built with high-density NVMe flash technology, the AFF C-Series is an excellent choice for large-capacity deployments that have small storage footprints, such as data lakes, media and rendering, AI, and analytics.  

They employ a number of technologies to further decrease TCO and increase capacity savings, including thin provisioning, NetApp Snapshot™ copies, inline data reduction features, automatic tiering of cold data to the cloud, and more. 

Scale capacity and performance painlessly, without disruption. 

The nondisruptive clustering scale-out architecture in ONTAP allows for easy scaling and the need for data migrations.  

Unified data management software gives a single, streamlined tool set that offers visibility and control across all types of storage, on-premises or in the cloud. 

The AFF C-Series also includes technology innovations of NVMe, such as NVMe/TCP and NVMe/FC, that make it possible scale performance nondisruptively. 

Keep important data secure, available, and protected. 

Data loss can be costly, if not catastrophic, which is why it is critical to always keep it protected and available – or, in the event of a data incident, recover as quickly as possible.  

AFF C-Series systems and NetApp ONTAP address these needs with a full suite of data protection, anti-ransomware, business continuity, and disaster recovery software. 

Next-Level Performance, Efficiency, Scalability, and Security 

NetApp AFF storage systems offer flash at a price close to that of disk storage, in a fraction of the footprint. Organizations interested in modernizing their data center would do well to consider flash storage solutions from NetApp, arguably the world leader in all-flash storage.  

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To learn more about the AFF-C Series, download the NetApp AFF C-Series datasheet here