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Some say that we’re about to see a revolution in just-in-time-training (JITT), especially with developments of cloud-based technology. This training enables people to use their laptops, cell phones and tablet computers as a tool to receive training right when they need it.

The argument for JITT is that the current training model many businesses are using takes people away from their jobs and costs the company money.  Sometimes, the advanced training employees receive won’t ever be needed, or it might not be needed for an extended period of time.

However, with just-in-time training, companies can keep people in the field without the specific training. When the person needs a certain skill set, they can get the training in real time with cloud-based technology.  For example, a repair person could get real-time training on his smartphone for an issue he runs across on the spot.  If he needs more assistance, he can access a “help” tool to connect to the master repairperson, live.  He can put on a headband with a digital, high-resolution camera, which interfaces with the mobile device, and show the master repairperson exactly what the issue is, while the master repairperson guides him in real time.

Tell us what you think: is JITT the next big thing?

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