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Surprisingly, some companies don’t have CIOs at the boardroom table in medium to large organizations. Other corporate functions are usually present, including HR, legal and finance, but IT is typically reporting to the COO or CFO rather than the CEO.

So, why is IT left out? Does this mean these organizations don’t have a vested interest in IT or simply view IT as overhead, and not as a strategic arm of the business? How does the IT department make itself more relevant to boardroom discussions?

A recent article said in order to earn a place at the table, IT needs to demonstrate the ability to drive competitive advantage by proving cost competitiveness and high ROI on technology investments.

How does this apply to your business? Do you have a seat in the boardroom and this is Hype, or do you find yourself trying to prove your value in the boardroom and this is Ripe?

We’d love to hear how you handle this situation in the comments below!

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