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Soon, IT leaders will be shopping for ERP applications for their businesses the same way they buy apps for their smartphone.  Surprised?

ERP app stores are popping up, and they offer IT departments the opportunity to try out a variety of enterprise apps and add-ons, according to Forrester analyst China Martens.

IT leaders can find listings of available apps and add-ons, typically organized in categories by cost, industry or supported languages, according to the report. The app stores being offered by ERP vendors are still at a very early “toe in the water experimental phase.”

For IT leaders, the app stores could offer several key benefits, according to a article, including a more efficient way of getting the right apps into the hands of their staff more quickly.

What do you think – are these app stores a dead end for IT leaders (Hype) or is this the next sales and distribution channel for IT (Ripe)?

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