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A recent blog post suggests that in order to find the solution to your biggest IT problem, you simply skip over it.  You don’t procrastinate, deny or avoid the problem, but you make a strategic decision to find the solution by not embracing the problem.

“The key to unraveling our most intractable problems often lies in recognizing that the problem confronting us is not our real problem. The real problem lies hidden behind the distraction of what we think our problem is. Skipping your biggest problem means stepping outside the flat plane of the existing situation and gaining a clearer perspective, and this often triggers flash foresights that lead to new opportunities far bigger and more productive than you could have imagined based on the original (incorrect) problem you were trying to solve.”

What do you think about this?  Does skipping the biggest problem help you find a better solution faster (Ripe), or is this suggested methodology just Hype?

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