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Plenty of IT leaders are predicting that by 2020, the quantity of electronically stored data will reach 35 trillion gigabytes, a forty-four-fold increase from 2009. That’s enough data to fill a stack of DVDs reaching from the Earth to the moon and back — about 240,000 miles each way.

This could be a huge opportunity for information, especially as technology advances. This is where the “big data” comes in.  It’s a group of data mining technologies that are making the storage, manipulation and analysis of reams of data cheaper and faster than ever.

Some say this technology is coming to the masses soon, and will likely change the way IT leaders do business.  What do you think – is this Hype (“big data” isn’t coming to the masses any time soon), or Ripe (yes, you expect it will change the way you work with your data)?

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