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Security has always been the biggest hesitation for organization’s considering the cloud.  However, now, security might actually be the biggest selling point for the cloud.  A recent Wall Street Journal article said this:

“Basic security tasks that often don’t get done at a small enterprise—updating antivirus programs or applying patches to software—are usually part of the plain-vanilla package in the cloud. The more you pay, the more you get: firewalls around your data, high-end encryption, ‘private clouds’ that let you isolate critical information and still access extra processing muscle when you need it, hacker-attack notification and mitigation, and 24-hour tech support. ‘Small and medium businesses are insane not to leverage the advantages of cloud computing,’ says Jim Reavis of Cloud Security Alliance, an industry group. ‘It ends up being almost in all cases a security upgrade because they can’t otherwise afford the practices.’”

So, the question is, is security one of the cloud’s best selling points (Ripe), is it still unclear how secure cloud offerings are (Hype)? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

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