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According to a recent Gartner study, more than 95% of organizations expect to maintain or increase their investments in software as a service (SaaS).  On top of that, more than one-third have migration projects under way from on-premises to SaaS.

To understand IT leaders’ usage patterns for SaaS in the enterprise, Gartner surveyed 525 organizations in nine countries, across 12 vertical industries, in June and July 2011.

Leading uses of SaaS were either replacements for on-premises applications or net-new SaaS solutions, Gartner said. Plus, almost 70% of organizations have used SaaS for less than three years, which indicates a continuing stream of net-new users for this deployment model.

So, do you agree with the survey results? Are you seeing SaaS grow in your organization (Ripe), or is an increase in SaaS just Hype?

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