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It’s been a growing trend over the last several years to have employees work from home at least part of the time.  According to survey results, 86% of telecommuters say they are more productive in their home office.  On top of that, 76% of telecommuters are more willing to put in extra time on work, and are more loyal to their company since telecommuting.

So, as companies become more comfortable with virtual teams and advancements in technology like cloud, broadband availability, VPNs, smartphones, etc., it’s easier to have teleworkers.

According to a article, “This can be a great way for companies to expand capabilities and human capital without expanding (and paying for) more office space. This expands their ability to access talent; people who increasingly see no benefit in relocating to do a job and retaining existing staff that need more flexibility in their lives.”

What’s your opinion on teleworkers? Is this Ripe, and teleworkers are happier and healthier employees, or is this Hype, and employees should be coming in to the office?

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