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We know businesses are increasingly adopting cloud offerings for business operations from public and private providers.  However, sometimes connecting them all back to the core of the business is a challenge involving complicated integration, orchestration and rules management.

According to Deloitte Consulting’s Mark White and Bill Briggs, adoption is no longer about cloud; it’s about clouds. “As cloud offerings added vertical business capability offerings to the horizontal IT capacity services, the adoption question changed from ‘if’ to ‘when’—and the answer is frequently ‘now,’” White, principal and CTO of Deloitte Consulting, and Briggs, director and deputy CTO, write in their Tech Trends 2012: Elevate IT for Digital Business report, released last week.

What do you think – is this Ripe, and adopting a hybrid of private and public cloud services is the way to go, or is this just Hype?  We would love to hear your comments on the issue below.

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