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The fact that most companies are “moving to the cloud” is unmistakable.  But with this massive move to cloud computing, a lot of companies are concerned with the security issues the move could bring. Since security is a major concern with cloud-based solutions, many companies are considering private cloud solutions.

A private cloud can give companies most of the benefits of cloud computing and also the security of your data center. The benefits would include:

·          Self-service provisioning

·          Scalability

·          Elasticity to respond to changing business needs

·          And you spread the fixed-costs for technology you already own over a longer term

Yet, some say that the security of having your own cloud environment is a myth and that home-grown security is no better and often less reliable than that provided by cloud providers since they must live up to client requirements and compliance regulations where internal IT departments often only have themselves to satisfy.  Also, to truly implement all of the cloud-type functionality in a private environment can be not only time-consuming, but also very expensive.  In comparison public cloud providers can spread those costs over many clients making true automation, provisioning and orchestration affordable for all.

What do you think?  Is having a private cloud beneficial, especially for security reasons and this is ripe? Or is having a private cloud no more secure than any other cloud and this is hype?

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