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It’s true there’s been a lot of talk about cloud computing. And not only talk, but lots of companies have chosen to move their data to the cloud. With all of the hype, it seems that some people might be lost in everything the cloud can do for a company, but it is just as important to know what it cannot do.

1.) Cloud computing won’t fix bad application design- it can help improve the behavior and performance of applications, but companies should be sure to correct issues before sending applications to the cloud.
2.) Cloud computing won’t eliminate silos- unless a company is careful to do advance planning for the move; the cloud usually has silos of data, services, and processes.
3.) Cloud computing won’t reduce the number of employees- some companies hope the move to the cloud will reduce the number of needed employees, yet there will be a need for monitoring and maintaining the cloud.

These limits are not reasons for a company to avoid a move to the cloud, but rather important information companies need to know in order to better prepare for moving into the cloud.

Are these limits ripe and should be considered before moving into the cloud? Or are they hype?

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