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Guest post by Tom Roberts, Solutions Architect

The term “help desk” is typically thought of as the technical support team that assists with desktop or laptop application issues. Today, ITIL is taking hold in more and more organizations, and, as such, the role of the “help desk” is being expanded. Referred to in ITIL as a “Service Desk,” it takes on a much broader role: e.g., serving as the central point of contact for all IT service related activities including incident lifecycle management and as some say, it is now “the face of IT”.

The issues that plague most help desks still remain; with more importance being placed on these services, it is critical that businesses find ways to address them.

• How do you deal with the hiring, turnover and retraining cycle?
• Do you have central metrics and reporting?
• Can you provide 24/7 coverage?
• Do you properly manage employee costs?
• Do you have ITIL based processes?
• Can you offer SLAs?

Most companies are realizing that outsourcing is the best approach. Do you think that outsourcing your service desk is hype or ripe?

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