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There has been a lot of discussion about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and whether it is beneficial for companies. BYOD may cost companies more to secure than a company owned device program would, but can the employees make up for this cost with more effective and efficient work with their own devices?

Here are three ways that BYOD proves to be more effective and efficient for employees:

1. Employees are familiar with their own devices: They know the quickest ways to use their personal devices and have apps and shortcuts set-up in order to do things more efficiently.
2. Employees are more accessible: Employees keep their personal phones with them all the time while they might only keep their company phone with them during work hours.
3. Increased chance for new hires: People desire to be at a company where they can use their own device, making BYOD a consideration in the employment process. (BYOD can also make training new employees easier, since they are already familiar with the device).

What do you think? Is BYOD a ripe way to increase productivity with your employees? Or is the idea of BYOD leading to more effective and efficient employees a bunch of hype?

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