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There are two main ways that employee devices can be secured. The first is to manage the actual device through policy and software. The second is to manage the data on the device by reducing the risk that it will be exposed or lost. Companies are still trying to figure out ways to effectively manage an employee device; however they are already securing the data on employee devices.

The best way for a company to secure the data on an employee device is to separate the data from the device. One way to do this is to use the red/green paradigm. In this paradigm the red-high-risk operations are separated from the green-low-risk systems. Another way would be to use a bare-metal hypervisor to run separate operating environments for business and personal use. And still another option is to keep the data on the server and deliver it remotely via a display protocol such as RDP.

To find the option that is best for your organization ask your service provider. You can go to the Logicalis BYOD microsite to learn more about BYOD security strategies.

Are these ways to secure an employee devices ripe and this information is helpful? Or are they hype and you’ve used other methods successfully?

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