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More and more organizations are either moving to the cloud or expanding the cloud environment they already have. And the cloud keeps getting more sophisticated and customized to organizational requirements. However, most companies still tend to think of cloud management as an afterthought and that can cause problems as cloud services mature.

Here are 3 danger zones that Information Week says to keep in mind when it comes to cloud management:

1. Comparing tools won’t be easy – Cloud management is still developing and evolving, so it can be a challenge to make comparisons.
2. Don’t ignore internal process revamps – Cloud management needs to be integrated into your company’s existing internal processes.
3. Cloud tools must be a new kind of dynamic – The cloud requires a management tool that distinguishes between an outage and IT initiated off line resources.

Are these danger zones ripe for companies to keep in mind when thinking about cloud management? Or are these suggestions hype?

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