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It is important to get the most reward out of the work you do. This is also true when it comes to the applications that your company puts in the cloud. It is important that you get the most benefit you can from apps.

Here are 5 ways to get the most out of your cloud apps:

1. Learn to Share: The cloud doesn’t require applications to have their own database, storage or communication. Therefore, you can share these components and make them accessible via an API. This will allow your developers to have more time to focus on other tasks.
2. Get the most out of PaaS: Deploy and promote tested code using the auto deployment features in your PaaS environment. This makes it possible for companies to have the ability to snap a new functionality into an existing app.
3. Become Omniscient: The cloud gives enhanced monitoring tools and dashboards that can give developers the ability to predict utilization and right-size resources. This allows IT Pros to debug issues more quickly and easily.
4. Give Orchestration a second look: An orchestration layer enables rapid provisioning of whole environments. This means that orchestration can automate standard processes, such as deploying an entire testing environment.
5. Rely on Self-service: Most clouds have some aspect of self-provisioning which gives developers access to apps when and where they need them. This can lead to increased efficiencies of development, testing and deployment of applications in the cloud.

Will these tips help your company get the most out of your cloud applications making them ripe? Or are the tips hype?

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