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For most companies moving your IT functions to a cloud or managed service provider can mean that you don’t have to spend as much time thinking about it as in the past. Yet, it is important to stay involved in IT functions.

Here we list the top tools that CIOs should demand from their cloud or a managed service provider in order to stay involved with their company’s IT functions:

1. ITSM Toolset: An ERP system for IT allows companies to see how every device in the environment is functioning and to get reports and analytics from devices in the database
2. Enterprise Monitoring Probes: Probes monitor your IT infrastructure throughout the day
3. User Activity Monitoring: Tracks every activity or change made and which user made the changes
4. Synthetic Transaction Monitoring: Provides a precise gage of user’s experiences
5. WAN acceleration: Reduces the time to open certain applications and software

Are these tools ripe and helpful in monitoring your IT functions? Or is this information hype?

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