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Most employees charged with managing the internal resources in data centers don’t end up working with public cloud providers. Therefore, the companies working with public cloud resources end up managing their clouds very little or possibly not at all. Not managing the cloud has some very evident downsides. If there is no one monitoring and managing the company cloud then there will be no procedures or technologies in place when something goes wrong in the cloud and it might not be observed soon enough to fix properly and quickly.

So how can a company turn cloud management from an afterthought into a forethought? For one, policies are needed around the management of your company’s cloud-based systems. The policies that you add need to include management for projects and problems that your company has yet to have managed.

Do you have other ways that you believe companies could bring cloud management to the forefront? If so, we would love for you to share them.

If you don’t have cloud management tips, do you believe proactive cloud management is hype? Or do you agree that it is ripe?

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