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Guest post by Michael Strysik, Solution Architect

Many organizations today are faced with an ever growing demand for new and enhanced services from the business. Various departments, including IT, are starting to leverage innovative solutions from various IT providers, Cloud providers, SaaS providers, etc… at an unprecedented pace. However, how does IT gain control of these new services that their end-users are consuming?

Earlier this month, VMware generally released their Horizon Application Manager, which is a cross platform management solution that unifies, secures, and controls access to software-as-a-service, Web, and Windows applications for end-user devices. End user consumers can now get easy, on-demand access to their business applications on their preferred devices whenever they need them, increasing overall productivity and simplifying their experience.

What do you think? Will end-users finally be able to access their business applications similar to how we access our Android or iPhone apps, and is this Ripe, or is this just Hype?

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