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A Forrester survey shows that many IT leaders are embracing the cloud. However, these same IT leaders tend to see the cloud as inferior to their own internal deployments. Enterprises that work most closely with the cloud believe that it delivers superior results. But it seems as though the IT leaders in the Forrester survey do not know about the results that the cloud can provide because those benefits are not being communicated to them.

To combat this lack of communication CIO has created a list telling what CIOs should know about cloud, in order to ensure that their own organization will have success with the cloud:

  • Gain hands-on experience with the cloud: using the cloud for yourself will ensure that you learn first-hand the capabilities of the cloud
  • Don’t hide behind the shields of compliance or security: start your cloud experiments with applications that don’t have to deal with regulated data or processes
  • Don’t reject cloud on economic grounds: business agility might matter more than these economic grounds, and sometimes the cloud can offer something that you can’t
  • Build your own cloud: learn from those who have built private clouds and consider what it might take for you to build your own cloud
  • Don’t be fooled by cloudwashing & be careful not to do it: many people who are  doing things similar to the cloud, such as virtualization and application outsourcing, are painting over these solutions with a cloud name. Make sure you use a true cloud, in order to receive cloud benefits

Would following these tips help a CIO get the most from their cloud experience and they are ripe? Or are they just hype?

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