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Most consumers today and in years past have stored their consumer content on their personal computers. But now consumers are beginning to use more and more devices – phones, tablets, computers, etc. and they want their content on each of these devices.

In fact most people have already been storing their content in a pseudo-cloud for a few years now. After all isn’t that what you are doing when you post pictures to Facebook, videos to YouTube and updates on Twitter? You are not only sharing your content with your social networks, but also storing them so that you can go back and look at them again later.

Gartner found that 7% of consumer content was stored in the cloud in 2011, but they believe that up to 36% of consumer content will be stored in the cloud by 2016. So will you store your consumer content in the cloud?

Do you agree that the consumer is headed to the cloud and this is ripe? Or do you think this is hype?

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