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BYOD can help to make employees more productive. The fact that employees can check in with their own phones, tablets, and computers means that they are more likely to be connected to their work outside of the office and office hours. With the many benefits of BYOD there is, however, a security risk.

Here are 6 tips that CRN shares to maintain better security in a BYOD world:

1.     Ensure that employees don’t leave a computer open without a password protected screensaver.

2.     Encrypt all employee file storage.

3.     Ensure all employees have up-to-date software and operating systems.

4.     Whitelist acceptable software programs that are safe for employees to use.

5.     Protect against packet sniffing in unsecured WiFi areas.

6.     Balance technology with clear company policy.

Do you believe these 6 tips could help your company secure its BYOD world, and this is ripe? Or is this information just hype?

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