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It can be frustrating if responsibilities surrounding a cloud computing contract aren’t clear. When responsibilities aren’t clearly defined it is easier to get confused or miss something. With this in mind, Computerworld has put together a list of client responsibilities for cloud computing.

  • Client Access: The client has the responsibility to decide who will have access to the cloud. It is also important that the client decide how and when this access would be taken away from users.
  • Password Security: The client is responsible for making sure that the individual login and passwords that their employees create are secure.
  • Data: The client is responsible for training their cloud users to make sure they know how to appropriately use the cloud and how to evaluate and communicate approved changes.
  • Shared Responsibilities: The client has the responsibility to understand their particular service model and the associated responsibilities that come with that service.

Do you think understanding these responsibilities is ripe and will help clear the line between provider and client? Or is this checklist hype?

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