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When asking about the cloud, the questions no longer seem to be — Should I use the cloud or, Is the cloud right for me? But instead — When are we going to begin using the cloud or even, Am I using the cloud to its full potential? In fact, CIO magazine says that 75% of respondents to one of their surveys claimed that they plan to significantly increase their cloud spending over the next year.

If your company is ready for the cloud now, what questions should you be asking? NetworkWorld believes that asking these 8 questions will help you make the most of the cloud over the next year:

1.     What’s the right perspective?

2.     What’s the right pace for cloud adoption?

3.     What’s the right model for cloud adoption?

4.     What’s the right organizational structure for your cloud?

5.     What’ the right community for your cloud?

6.     Who are the right partners for your cloud strategy?

7.     What’s the right destination?

8.     What are the details?

Do you agree that asking these questions will help you dominate in the cloud? If so, tell us by voting “ripe” below. If you disagree, vote “hype” and tell us what questions are missing.

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