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Two of the greatest technological trends over this past year have been cloud computing, and smartphones and tablets. With these two advances continuing to rise in popularity it isn’t surprising that mobile cloud computing is also on the rise. And while the mobile cloud may seem similar to the cloud it has many differences including security, platform infrastructure and design.

Here are a few trends to look out for as mobile cloud computing continues to grow:

1.     Acceleration in the “consumerization” of IT through mobile computing. As the demand to work away from a computer continues to grow, the demand for mobile computing will also continue to grow.

2.     Risk challenges are evolving. The security vulnerability in mobile computing increases the risk. This is something that will continually be addressed as IT continues to move into mobile cloud computing.

3.     Mobile computing will revolutionize how work is done. When mobile computing entered the cloud one of the first applications highly demanded was email. We can expect that other business applications that can be done by mobile applications will be demanded in the future as well.

4.     Mobile computing will become the “Internet of Things”. The internet is everywhere and people have the ability to collect all sorts of data from their many devices. In fact, IBM believes that there will be 1 trillion internet connections to mobile phones by the year 2013.

5.     Mobile computing is here to stay, whether people or IT are prepared or not. Some people don’t realize that they are already using the cloud in places such as smart parking meters to web sites like And it is safe to say the cloud will only expand from here.

Do you believe that these trends are important to watch for while the mobile cloud continues to grow, and this is ripe? Or are these trends just hype?

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