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Guest post by Anati Zubia, Marketing Specialist

Housing data sometimes is easier to say than to commit to doing on existing data centers and clouds. A new technology emerging is hosted access control, where access data can be housed in the cloud. Companies are hesitant to trust their data and utilize a hosted access control point, so here are some unique, potential benefits to turning to a hosted access control system.

  • Be Kind to Your Budget
    • Save on labor costs of collecting and managing data. Hosted access control simplifies access control systems and saves on time spent building networks strong enough to house data. Companies can focus on their core competencies and daily functions without costly time spent delegating data and finding proficient technicians.
  • Safety First
    • Put employees’ minds to rest with access control hosting. Data security is priority and made possible with heavy encryption. It also is easy to backup important data through access control hosting systems and management of data is streamlined.
  • Flexibility for Control
    • System and data management can easily be controlled from any PC or mobile device with internet, so administration can easily manage data stored or housed by a hosted access control system.
  • Navigation Made Easy
    • A hosted access control system can streamline the installation process and technicians can easily navigate with a minimized network. Users can access the information with ease and be able to manage their access control data in a welcoming way.
  • Reliability
    • Connection can be a sure thing with hosted access control, and network space is increased. With hosted access control, logged activity can be reported easily to the host and connection is automated.

Hosted access control can present benefits if the right host match, it simply depends on a company’s ability to trust to relinquishing control of data to a second party.

Do you think that hosted access control is ripe and ready for the cloud – or is it hype?

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