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Many enterprises have started to look into building their own cloud.  Organizations may decide to build their own cloud for a plethora of reasons. But whatever the reason is that drives you to build your own cloud it is important that you do it correctly.

Therefore InfoWorld has come up with 3 steps that you may want to consider before launching:

  1. Determine the purpose of your cloud service. This step may seem like a “no-brainer”, but it is important to map out the basic objectives of your cloud in order to create a good plan and foundational design.
  2. Determine what information will be made available externally. This step includes figuring out where your data exists (the physical location), how you are able to retrieve your data (the proper path), and security and governance issues that you may have.
  3. Create an API/service management strategy. This step includes deciding on the best path for accessing data remotely and management of that data.

Are these good steps for getting started on building your own cloud, and therefore ripe? Or are these steps hype when it comes to building your own cloud?

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