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The cloud is here to stay, and now that the hype around the cloud is beginning to dissipate it will become easier to focus on what the cloud can do and what the future may bring us. As the cloud continues to evolve, users are acquiring more control of their devices, managers are taking more control of their budgets, and service suppliers are becoming stricter about how they control data. Everyone is beginning to fall into their specific role when it comes to the cloud.

As employee roles start to fall into place when it comes to the cloud, so does the data security aspect. Below are 8 essentials to data security in the cloud:

1.     Plan and research

2.     Look for a supplier you can trust

3.     Outsource responsibility responsibly

4.     Put your prospective supplier under the microscope

5.     Prepare for cloud culture

6.     Protect your data

7.     Prepare to prevent (to prevent what? – security breaches?)

8.     Review regularly

Do you believe that data security is beginning to fall into place when it comes to the cloud – making this information ripe? Or does cloud security still have a way to go – making this hype?

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