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Countless IT professionals would say that security is a priority when it comes to their data. But most of the time their actions toward their data centers, including the cloud, do not reflect a priority on security. In fact, many organizations decide to implement a private cloud because of security reasons, but when they build out the cloud they don’t seem to focus on security.

Organizations need to have a security policy that applies to their data center. Von Williams, from Logicalis, has found that taking these 5 steps within your data center can lead to a solid security policy:

  1. Risk Assessment: How much risk can the organization accept?
  2. Data Ownership: Who owns the data?
  3. Data Classification: How is the data classified?
  4. Auditing and Monitoring: How is the data watched?
  5. Incidence Response: What is the reaction to any data security breach?

Do you agree that taking these steps can lead to a solid security policy, making this information ripe? Or is this information hype?

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