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Computing is making its leap to the data center, and will change the way the data center works. The future of the data center may give us the ability to connect, aggregate, and configure computing resources. Virtualization is already allowing this change by equipping the data center with 3 key components of computing: servers, storage, and networking.

What could software defined data centers give us? The data center could sync resources to meet key application requirements. It could also overlap physical infrastructure to provide individual network authentications and authorizations. The software defined data center would not be the same thing as the cloud, but it would be the avenue in which cloud services could be delivered most efficiently.

While we do not know exactly where the software defined data center will take IT, or exactly what it will look like, it does seem that a software defined data center is in our future and we should be preparing for its arrival.

Do you agree that the future of a software defined data center is ripe? Or do you think that a software defined data center is hype?

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