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When you do an honest assessment of your data center do you like what you see? Do you worry about data center outages or overheating? Are you confident in your data center’s abilities? Sometimes it can even be hard to do a thorough assessment of your data center because you feel as though you don’t know where to start.

Logicalis thinks that it is very important to have regular data center check-ups. These check-ups are so important to the life of your data center Logicalis has come up with 4 data center symptoms that could mean you need to schedule your data center check-up soon:

1. Demand for higher service levels at a lower cost
2. Uptime and space issues
3. Lack of time to fully address ongoing issues
4. Reconciling multiple sites

How important do you think data center check-ups are? Are these symptoms ripe and mean you need to schedule a data center check-up? Or are the symptoms listed only hype?
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