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There’s no denying that the data center is complex. Virtualization is one way that organizations try to reduce the complexity of the data center. And while virtualization helps, it certainly isn’t the only approach to reducing complexity.

The primary agent for complexity in the data center is business-critical applications. In fact, in Symantec’s study 65% of respondents listed it as a reason for complexity in their data centers. There are more and more applications being made each day and these applications take up space to store. The cost of storage for these applications is cheap, but when you add more and more applications each day the storage cost also continues to increase.

Other causes of complexity that were listed in the study are mobile computing (44% of respondents), server virtualization (43% of respondents), and the public cloud (41% of respondents).

Symantec’s study also found that 90% of organizations are implementing or discussing ways to get their data center complexity under control. Some ways that organizations are doing this include: enhanced security, finding the right information in a timely manner, reduced costs of information storage and management, reduced legal and compliance risks, and moving to the cloud.

What do you think about Symantec’s findings? Are they ripe and organizations need to be searching for ways to reduce their data center’s complexity? Or are they hype?

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