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Companies are using the cloud because of its efficiency, cost, analytics, customer service, and more. Using the cloud seems like a good idea, and it is. But it isn’t something that works well without considering factors such as investment, innovation, budget and staff.

That is why Computerworld has come up with 6 tips to help maximize cloud investment.

  1. Form a cloud governance board: This is a task force that oversees the use of cloud technology
  2. Gamify adoption: Use game mechanics to bring everyone onboard
  3. Prime the feedback loop: Figure out what your people need, like, don’t like and want next
  4. No graduation day for training: You need to continue to train your workforce
  5. Don’t think of the cloud as simple: The infinite flexibility of the cloud adds a new layer of complexity you might not expect
  6. Use naughty words: Use “dirty words” such as “outsourcing” for the right talent resources at the right time

Will considering these 6 tips help to maximize your company’s cloud investment, and these tips are ripe? Or are these tips hype?

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