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The data center is migrating to the cloud. This is creating a demand for increased throughput in data center networks. Emulex did a study of 1,500 IT leaders in North America and Europe. The study found that the cloud is working on building out more robust networks.

Other findings from the survey include:

  • Cloud benefits are undeniable: Cloud cost benefits are the number 1 reason that companies are moving to the cloud. (scalability and speed of deployment come in second)
  • The cloud demands more bandwidth: Data needs to be added to the cloud. 53% of respondents said the cloud is creating a need for more network bandwidth.
  • Virtual machines multiply: It is important to determine the number of virtual machines that can run on a single server.
  • The rise of big data: 37% of respondents said they manage 1 petabyte of data or more. Big data apps include business intelligence apps, financial apps, security apps, and scientific apps.
  • Big data will need big bandwidth: A majority of respondents believe that over the next two years big data will increase the need for network bandwidth by more than 50%.
  • Big data leads to big storage: Big data apps have increased storage needs by at least 50% and some respondents believe that over the next 2 years big data will cause storage in data centers to double.
  • Convergence is coming: 78% of respondents believe that data and storage networks will inevitably converge into a consolidated network.

Do you believe the survey findings are ripe and the data center is migrating to the cloud? Or are these survey findings hype?

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