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2013 IT planning is focused on two topics – virtualization and the cloud. When Tecala Group interviewed IT professionals about their top priorities for the next 12 months one in four said data center virtualization was their top priority, while one in five said their top priority was the private cloud. Application performance and the public cloud followed as the 3rd most popular priorities. And overall 62% of organizations plan to increase their spending on cloud computing in the next year.

Virtualization is being adopted by many organizations, 7 out of 10, because of factors such as the desire to improve server efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and increase flexibility and responsiveness. Cloud computing has also been adopted by 7 out of 10 organizations due to factors such as cost benefits, business agility, efficiency and scalability.

Is your organization planning on increasing your data center virtualization or private cloud spending over the next year? If so does that mean that you agree that this information is ripe? Or do you believe that these statistics are only hype?

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