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The landscape of the workplace has changed significantly over the last few years. More people are working places other than the office and employees are trading their desktops and laptops in for smartphones and tablets.

These changes have made the workplace more efficient. Employees can look at email from anywhere. They can answer phone calls, and “go to meetings” no matter their location. And there are very few things that people can do with their computers that they can’t do with their smartphones or tablets.

BYOD has even ushered in a new era in managed print services. With the abundance of ability to do work on smartphones and tablets managed print service providers are coming up with new ways to print from these devices, continually making the need for a computer obsolete.

Do you agree that the ability to print from smartphones and tablets solidifies a new era of the workplace, and this is ripe? Or is this hype and printing from these devices doesn’t signify a shift in our work culture?

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