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Starting to modernize your data center can seem like an overwhelming task. When modernizing most companies consider moving to converged data center operations. When doing this and any kind of modernizing the key to avoiding mistakes is to do a comprehensive data center infrastructure assessment up front.

Network World has come up with this assessment, which has eight steps and is designed to deliver a fully modernized and consolidated data center:

  1. Define the purpose and goals
  2. Conduct an equipment inventory and measurements of your existing data centers
  3. Develop detailed solutions to address project goals
  4. Develop a project budget for each possible solution
  5. Select the best solution that meets both the goals and budget
  6. Draft a proposal for the leadership team
  7. Assign a project manager and begin the project
  8. Testing and review

Do you believe this data center assessment is ripe? Or do you believe this is hype?

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