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The demand for the cloud has grown overwhelmingly over the last few years. In fact Gartner predicts that the cloud services market will grow from $2.7 billion to $10.5 billion over the next two years.

With this growing market many solutions providers are adding cloud services to their offerings, which makes it more important than ever to know what you are looking for in a cloud partner. A few aspects that are important to look for when it comes to a potential cloud partner are:

  • Strategies and approach that align with your own
  • Complementary skills to your own
  • A solid reputation for service and success
  • A network of contacts to leverage
  • Flexibility and mutual understanding

Do you agree that these aspects are ripe and important to consider when looking for a potential cloud partner? Or do think these aspects are hype? And if you think they are hype, what aspects would you add to the list?

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