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As more and more companies decide to use the cloud it gives an opportunity to managed service providers to lead them there. Managed service providers are prepared to lead companies into the cloud because they have already moved there themselves and therefore know what to expect.

Here are 5 best practices for managed service providers leading a company into the cloud:

  1. Embrace simplicity: maintain a focus on what is actually needed instead of getting caught up in all of the different options
  2. Look at virtual machines (VMs) as assets: you need to protect VMs as an asset, making sure to keep track of, control and audit its activities
  3. Deploy technologies that deliver operational advantages: the software you choose should be easy to use, configure and maintain
  4. Automate wherever possible: automated solutions can a establish consistent, predictable workflow for customers
  5. Leverage assessment services to demonstrate need: work with your customers on what they need now, but with the cloud in mind for the future

Do you agree that these are good practices for managed service provider to use in order to lead a company into using the cloud, making this ripe? Or are these practices only hype?

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