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When it comes to the cloud one of the biggest stumbling blocks continues to be the risk of unintended data exposure. Organizations are concerned about putting sensitive data in the cloud fearing that it might accidently end up in the wrong hands. Some companies feel more secure keeping data in house, rather than taking a risk on a cloud provider.

One good way to make sure that your data is secure in the cloud is by using encryption – an algorithm that encodes data making it unreadable to those who don’t possess a decoding key. This will keep the data safe because if it did happen to fall into the wrong hands it would be unreadable without the key.

To determine how your cloud vendor facilities encryption ask these questions:

  • Does the cloud vendor encrypt your data both at rest and in transit?
  • What level of encryption does the cloud vendor employ?
  • Who has access to the encryption key?
  • What encryption standards have been employed by the cloud vendor?
  • How are encryption keys managed, and where is the encryption key located?

Do you believe that encryption is a good option for keeping data secure and this is ripe? Or do you believe this is hype and encryption isn’t a good option for keeping data secure?

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