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The cloud is growing and becoming more popular each day. And when any product or service becomes more popular more and more people want to use it and want to sell it.

The thing that companies need to watch out for most is employees who are using the cloud without even realizing it. Employees can use many free IT services that are available today, services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and free These free services are essentially personal clouds.

While these services make it easy for employees to find a personal cloud to use if they feel as though the company cloud is taking too long or too difficult to use, it can make security and privacy for a company very difficult.

Do you know if employees in your company are using personal clouds? If they are, do you think this article is ripe and you need to address cloud sprawl? Or is it hype and cloud sprawl isn’t a concern?

For information on ways to prevent cloud sprawl check out this article in InformationWeek:

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