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There was a lot of buzz about mobile devices this past holiday season. According to techrumor more mobile devices were activated on Christmas Day 2012 then on any other day in history. With this increase of new mobile devices it is important that companies think about BYOD.

Businesses need to be prepared with a BYOD plan for all of the new devices entering the workplace. But what will businesses do about all of the old mobile devices that left the workplace on December 25? And were those devices properly wiped or destroyed? found that only 16% of US adults who previously had a phone for work have the data professionally wiped and only 5% have the device securely destroyed when they upgrade. Most of these old devices get passed on to children or siblings. And if employees are passing on a device without properly wiping it, they are also passing along the data. has come up with 4 steps to decommissioning a mobile device:

  1. Notify the IT department
  2. Transfer corporate materials to the new device
  3. Extract personal data from the device
  4. Erase all remaining corporate data

Did the holidays have an impact on your BYOD? If you think this information is ripe, maybe it is time to consider a mobile device decommissioning plan? If you think this information is hype then tell us your plans for BYOD.

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