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It is said that a company with 1,000 mobile devices could see their costs go up $170,000 when they switch to BYOD. But lots of large companies like Cisco and VMware have actually saved money when switching, and they have saved in substantial ways.

So how do these companies end up saving money when it seems that you would pay more? Here are a few tips from on how you can save money when moving your company to BYOD:

  • When moving employees to BYOD move them to personal liability and expense reimbursement
  • Evaluate which employees actually need a phone to do their job, and only give a phone to employees who require it for their work
  • Make different BYOD plans for different kinds of employees, for example you could have one plan for client-facing employees and one for nonclient-facing employees
  • Don’t include a stipend for buying devices
  • Do monthly reports on the use of the phones

Do you believe that these tips are ripe and implementing them will help you save money with BYOD? Or are these tips hype and they won’t save a company money when it comes to BYOD?

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