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Guest post by Julie Spiller, Director, IBM Data Center & Cloud Solutions

In order for MSPs to grow their business they need to have access to the expertise, technology and marketing opportunities that will help expand their business and improve profitability and cash flow. Logicalis has come up with 5 critical tips to help MSPs:

  1. Circle the wagons: There are a host of services and programs available to MSPs through industry-leading vendor, solution provider and distribution organizations that are not offered to general resellers; the key is to determine what they are and how to access them, focusing the resources of these industry organizations on the individual MSP’s success.
  2. Money matters: Profitability and cash flow can be increased through established industry programs like premium financing, usage-based technology resource programs, and customer-focused “try-before-you-buy” opportunities.
  3. Talking about tech: Combining technology offerings like capacity on demand, DR as a Service, and Storage as a Service with the latest server technologies can create new, higher value services for MSPs to offer customers.
  4. Services selling: Identifying and selling the right service offerings – like service management tools – can help expand an MSP’s business as well as maintain the highest quality of customer service and service delivery awareness.
  5. Get the word out: Tapping into valuable marketing and training resources available through vendor, solution provider and distribution partners will help MSPs grow their businesses and increase their knowledge base at significantly reduced out-of-pocket costs.

Do you agree that these 5 critical tips will help MSPs grow and they are ripe? Or are these tips only hype?

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