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Guest post by Mike Johnson, Director, Architecture Solutions

Every organization has to deal with BYOD, even if the way some decide to do it is by ignoring that it exists. Companies must decide if they are going to let BYOD run its course, or if they are going to make a plan of action to protect their data yet provide the outstanding experience their users want and expect on their mobile device.

With smartphones, tablets, and the cloud it is easier than ever for employees to hold corporate data in different places. This is good because it makes the information easily accessible to them wherever they are working. It is also a corporate risk as that data can land in the wrong hands should the employee lose their device.

Therefore Network World has come up with 5 “Best BYOD Deployment” tips:

  1. Don’t do it with just cost in mind: Having a BYOD plan might not save your company money, but it will allow your employees to be more productive while keeping company information safe.
  2. Communicate: The IT department needs to make the BYOD policy clear to all employees.
  3. Are Invisible: If a BYOD plan interferes with the employees’ personal data or experience they are not going to be willing to use it.
  4. Start small: It is easier to start with tight restrictions and loosen them later than it is to start with loose restrictions and try to tighten them later.
  5. Respect Employee Privacy: This includes monitoring, access to data, and expectations for reasonable working hours.

Will these BYOD Deployment tips help your company with your BYOD plan and this is ripe? Or is this information hype and therefore not helpful?

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