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Guest post by Virgil Vaduva, Director of Information Security and Compliance

Companies are seeing the profit of moving their infrastructures, products and services to the cloud. 56% of companies surveyed said that their profit from the cloud comes from saving money in other ways, and 22% claim the cloud has saved them money by increasing their company’s organizational agility.

Another way that companies have seen profit from the cloud is through cloud management and security. As organizations plan to move to the cloud they begin to look for third party service providers to perform cloud server management for them, and more companies are offering the services to handle cloud related issues, especially cloud management.

Cloud management service providers are important for managing a company’s cloud because they not only monitor the cloud services but also secure the environment. This helps to make the cloud server environment more secure, scalable and flexible. This can also help boost the cloud environment by optimizing existing resources and saving money in the long run.

Do you agree that a well-managed, secure cloud can save you money and this is ripe? Or do you believe this is only hype?

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